We offer a wide range of services both for our regular and new customers. We would be happy to send you samples of our products

  • Planing;
  • Cold pressing;
  • Painting and drying;
  • Manufacturing of frame and prefabricated houses;
  • Manufacturing of structures and components;
  • Billet processing;
  • Design engineering.

LVL Structures of Any Degree of Complexity

  • Structural elements to be used in construction of swimming pools, sports centers, agricultural facilities, shopping malls, restaurants comprising single LVL elements up to 20,500 mm long
  • house frames
  • rafter systems
  • roof systems
  • floor structures
  • frame structures
  • trusses
  • glued beams
  • various customized parts
  • in-plant check assembly of structural elements
  • on-site installation of LVL structures
  • installation supervision of LVL structures

Additional Processing of LVL structures:

  • protective treatment for transportation
  • sanding
  • preservative and fire retardant treatment
  • fire and bio-resistant coatings
  • painting

Structural Design

  • architectural Design
  • 3D Modeling
  • structural design, selection of LVL cross-sections
  • development of project documentation including drawings and details of timber structures
  • development of assembly drawings
  • finilization of Custmer’s structural drawings

Supply of Auxiliary Materials

  • fasteners
  • thermal insulation
  • embedded details, foundation anchors (including non standard, customized details).
  • films

Development of Logistic Solutions for Product Deliveries all Over Russia.

  • standard products (by Euro trailers up to 36.5 cubic meters, 13,500 mm long)
  • outsized elements, structures