Ultralam™ LVL Advantages

Unique LVL Ultralam™ properties afford to list it among  the most prospective materials used for construction.
The application of LVL Ultralam™ covers a wide range of construction and not construction areas.

  • Environmentally friendly engineered wood material with unique performance.
  • Durability and long lasting appeal of Ultralam™ -based structures.
  • Unchangeable performance over the entire service life.
  • Homogenous material with unchangeable mechanical properties lengthwise.
  • Consistent geometry and physical properties irregardless of seasonal factors, environmental variations and climatic conditions.
  • High accuracy of adjacent elements.
  • High bearing capacity.
  • Resistance to corrosive agents.
  • Optimal performance/weight ratio.
  • High bio and fire resistance.
  • High thermal and sound insulating properties.
  • Material is easy to process with any cutting instruments.
  • Material is not subject to deformations caused by humidity variations and has low values of natural shrinkage.
  • There are almost no service costs related to LVL usage.
  • Convenient, easy and fast installation of LVL products.
  • With an adequate strength reserve, reinforced foundations and bearing structures are not required.
  • Price of Ultralam™ products does not depend on their length and cross sections.
  • Easy mechanical processing and preservative treatment.
  • Besides its high physical and mechanical properties, laminated veneer lumber fully retains the appearance of natural wood which allows to use LVL-based products and structures in interior applications without additional finishing.