About company

Modern Lumber Technology Ltd. produces high strength laminated veneer lumber — Ultralam™ LVL. Our company provides a reliable cost effective and easy to use material utilized to build green energy efficient prefabricated houses, agricultural and sporting facilities, as well as to refurbish old buildings and construct garrets. Modern Lumber Technology Ltd. protects and maintains forest resources of Russia.

The production of Ultralam™ LVL began in 2009 at “Taleon Terra” Plant located in the town of Torzhok, Tver Region, Russia. It’s an innovative and unique project aimed to modernize Russia’s wood working industry. “Taleon Terra” Plant is the largest LVL manufacturing facility in Europe with the annual capacity of 150.000 m3.  Ultralam™ LVL products are manufactured using the most state-of-the-art technologies, i.e. continuous pressing technique with microwave pre-heating enhancing the resin penetration into the wood structure and thus forming a new homogenous high-strength material.

Ultralam™ LVL production is waste free, the waste is used in the premium class fuel pellets. Annual capacity of the pellet line is 60.000 tons.

In July 2016, MLT Ltd. commissioned a new OSB Production Facility with the annual capacity of 500.000  m3, and a Prefabricated Houses Production Line with the annual capacity of 40.000 m2 of living area.