«Building a House» Exhibition, March 25-26, 2017

April 13, 2017

On March 25 – 26, 2017, “Taleon Trading”, the subsidiary of “Taleon” JSC, being the trading business unit responsible for the promotion of Ultralam™ products in Russia and the CIS, traditionally participated in international spring exhibition «Building a House» held in Saint Petersburg, Russia. This exhibition demonstrates the most modern materials and technologies used in construction of both detached and apartment houses.


“Taleon” JSC introduced a number of new Ultralаm™ products and advanced technologies of “Taleon Terra” house building production line, located in the city of Torzhok, Tver Region, Russia.

 Ultralm™ products introduced at the exhibition are as follows:

1)  Ultralam™OSB products are high strength and moisture resistant oriented strand boards (OSB). This is a new generation material in the Russian market. The manufacturing facility is waste free and located in the city of Torzhok, Tver Region, RF. “Taleon Arbor” plant covers its electricity needs entirely on its own and produces 500,000 cubic meters of  Ulralam™ OSB products per year.

All Ulralam™ products are represented both in the Russian market and in other countries around the world. There are two types of Ultralam OSB™ products marketed in Russia and the CIS:

  • OSB-3 – moisture resistant products for humid applications.
  • OSB-4 – heavy duty product for humid applications.

Ultralam™ OSB –is a green construction material.

Unique properties:

  • strength;
  • moisture resistance;
  • fungal resistance;
  • high fastener holding capacity.

For more information on  Ultralm™ OSB products see our brochure.

2) The second new product introduced at the exhibition is a special protective coating, i.e. an elastic paint for OSB – Ultralam™OSB.

This paint is used for both facades (exterior walls) and interior walls.

As OSB boards consist of wood strands, their characteristics are similar to those of natural wood. This means that when exposed to temperature and humidity, they are susceptible to dimensional changes, fungal and biological attack. Therefore, it’s critical for the coating not only to be elastic, but also to ensure perfect protection.

Three types of paint that were developed are as follows:

  • Ultralam™ OSB  Facade Paint for OSB –This paint is specifically developed for OSB panels. It has high adhesion capacity, can be used as a complete finish coating or as a solid basis for further finishing. It ensures protection against moisture and sunlight effects, molding, rotting and fungi; and is suitable for manual and mechanical tinting into any color.
  • Ultralam™ OSB  Interior Paint for OSB – This paint inhibits emissions of formaldehyde from OSB panels, features bactericidal, fire retardant, moisture resistant properties and protects from molding, rotting and fungi. It can be used as a complete finish coating, creates an elastic and deformation resistant protective layer and is suitable for manual and mechanical tinting into any color.
  • Primer for OSB Ultralam™ OSB – This product is specifically developed for preliminary priming of OSB panels and can be used as a temporary protection for OSB until the finish coating is applied (up to the period of 1 year). This environmentally friendly material enhances adhesion, is suitable for interior and exterior purposes and protects against moisture effects, swelling and further panel destruction.

3) The exhibition incorporated multiple samples of “Taleon Terra” auxiliary production line products. These are various structures used for construction of timber houses.

Ultralam™ LVL  product was traditionally included. This product is high strength laminated veneer lumber. For more information on Ultralm™ LVL see our brochure.

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