Environmental protection

The process of LVL production is one of the most rational ways of wood processing which allows to save forest resources. Beam made of solid lumber yields 40% of the log. LVL billet utilize 90% of the log. The balance of 10% is used for pellet production. Fuel pellets represent environmentally sound fuel since carbon dioxide released to the atmosphere is absorbed by the growing trees and as a result releases are equal to zero. Black waste (bark) is fed to the energy plant. Ultralam™ production is waste-free!

We sustain forest resources through the monitoring of woodlands, cutting diseased trees, protecting logging sites from poachers. MLT LLC doesn´t purchase the timber from those companies which do not adhere to the similar environmental standards.

Modern Lumber Technology LLC leases 200 000 m3 of logging site in Tver region. Woodlands are certified against FSCTM (Forest Stewardship Council®) requirements. Certificate Registration Code SW-FM/COC-004320.

FSC is focused on ecologically responsible, socially oriented and economically stable forest exploitation and management of world forest resources.

Ecologically responsible forest exploitation guarantees that log harvesting will not jeopardize both bio development and the efficiency and ecological functions of forests.

Socially oriented forest exploitation provides both local population and the society in general terms with the long-term benefits of forest exploitation. It also encourages local population to sustain forest resources and manage the forestry based on long-term planning.

Economically stable forest exploitation means that it is based and implemented in the way that assures long-term economical profits without negative effect to the forest resources, quality of eco system and hazard to the local population.