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Prefabricated Houses

Taleon Trading Ltd., a subsidiary of Taleon PJSC, is the official commercial representative of «Taleon Terra» Production Plant on the territory of the Russian Federation, being in charge of selling wood frame houses and promoting UltraDom trade mark in Russia.

«Taleon Terra», i.e. Ultralam™ LVL Production Plant, located in Torzhok, is the largest LVL manufacturing facility in Europe.

The high-tech UltraDom™ production line installed at «Taleon Terra» represents a unique integration of recent developments in the wood working and frame housing industries.

UltraDom™ framing structures are based on Ultralam™ LVL. This state-of-the-art composite structural material is a pioneering engineered wood product. Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is one of the glulam timber types manufactured by gluing together softwood veneers with the same grain direction.


Unique properties

  • High load bearing capacity;
  • Fast construction rate;
  • Durability;
  • Easy assembly;
  • Construction throughout the year;
  • Best ratio of price/quality/reliability/cost efficiency;
  • Possibility of facade finishing with various materials;
  • High energy and thermal efficiency;
  • Environmentally friendly materials.
  • High load bearing capacity of LVL products with their relatively low density (as compared to bricks and concrete) allows to build houses bearing lightly on the foundation, thus reducing its cost.
  • Fast construction rate is due to delivery of prefabricated framing elements.
  • Durability. Due to uniformity of LVL members, the framing structure is free from internal stresses, that would otherwise eventually lead to its deformation. Framing structures made from LVL are more durable than those made from other wood-based materials.
  • LVL framing elements are easy to assemble and, if required, can be cut to size onsite with common carpentry tools.
  • Possibility of house construction throughout the year and under any weather conditions, is due to LVL enhanced biological, moisture and fire resistance.
  • Optimal ratio of price/quality/reliability/cost efficiency.
  • Possibility of facade finishing with various materials making each and every house a unique one.
  • Taleon Terra’s frame houses construction technology makes it possible to build high energy and thermal efficient houses providing for fast interiors heating with minimal heat losses.
  • All used materials are environmentally friendly.

Frame Houses

Frame houses construction is a modern technique that allows to build comfortable, cozy, green and affordable houses within a short construction period.

Frame houses are distinguished by the following features

  • Sustainability of materials used;
  • Possibility of construction throughout the year without special activities;
  • Low cost foundation construction through the use of light-weight LVL structures and possibility to build on almost any type of ground;
  • Fast construction rate, as there is no need in preparing special mixes, working with small individual materials and using lifting devices;
  • No need to allow for «shrinkage» for further finishing;
  • Possibility to save costs on lifting devices;
  • Distinctive energy-saving properties with relatively thin walls due to the use of modern insulation materials;
  • Possibility to easily install utilities inside the walls;
  • Possibility of facade finishing for all and any house types;
  • Possibility of fast interior heating preceded by prolonged absences in frosty weather, enabled by low thermal capacity of the walls;
  • Optimal ratio of price/quality/reliability, cost efficiency.

Frame houses offer a wide space for imagination: one and the same house built for different people can look in different ways. This becomes possible due to multiple various finishing options.

«Taleon Terra» uses unparalleled frame houses construction technology. The basis of a frame house is formed with strong load bearing structures made from high quality LVL. Internal partition walls incorporate LVL, too.


Frame and Panel Houses

The underlying principle of this technology is a method of construction by assembling houses from prefabricated panels based on the following framing structures:

  • Panel framing made from Ultralam™ LVL.
  • Envelope structures made from a new generation, low-emission Ultralam™ LVL boards.

Currently, panel and frame houses manufactured by «Taleon Terra» Production Plant are the best option for the Russian middle class, for they offer a whole variety of exceptional advantages:

  • Structural simplicity;
  • Constructability: easy assembly at all construction stages due to the specific structure of LVL panels;
  • Short construction period;
  • Possibility of construction in any season. There are no «wet processes» during construction;
  • Low cost houses;
  • Considerable cost saving during usage;
  • Light-weight houses without needing concrete foundations and providing for the possibility of using screw piles.

Once building a prefabricated frame house, you will have a home for permanent residence that meets all your requirements.



«Ultralam»™ LVL products are manufactured as boards and billets:

  • Lengths: from 2.500 up to 20.500 mm with a 500 mm increment,
  • Widths: from 40 up to 1.250 mm,
  • Heights: (thicknesses): from 24 up to 100 mm.

The unique properties of Ultralam™ LVL allow to rank this product among the most perspective materials used in frame houses construction.