Most advanced OSB production plant with the capacity of 500,000 m³ commissioned in June, 2016, by MLT Ltd., one of the largest LVL manufacturers in Europe.


  • Production Plant: «Taleon Arbor». Equipment Supplier: Dieffenbacher GmbH.
  • Logyard Area: 120,000 m³ of fast-growth softwood and hardwood pulpwood.
  • Annual Production Capacity: 500,000m³. Production Area: 40,000 m².
  • Finished Products Warehouse: 20,000m³ (OSB).

Waste-Free Production

Environmentally friendly Ultralam OSB 3 and Ultralam OSB 4

  • 100% heat energy supply provided by 2 х 110MW energy and power centers.
  • Own electrical power generation (5.5 MW) covering half of the power demand for production.

Environmentally friendly OSB 3 and OSB 4 products

  • RAW materials: 60% of spruce and pine, 40% of aspen logged from the Northwest forests of Russia
  • Adhesives: PMDi, PMDi and MUF
  • Certificates: EN300, CE and FSC
  • Specification: thickness: 6-40 mm, max. width: 2,800 mm, length 6,200 mm
  • Options: 4 sides/2 sides T&G

Scope of Application

  • Roof/wall and floor sheathing for wooden frame houses
  • Interior finishing, decoration
  • Application in furniture and packaging industries
  • Formwork, fences


  • Vehicles
  • Railroad Сars
  • Sea Сontainers