Ultralam™ production is based on the state-of-the-art technology, i.e. continuous pressing with microwave preheating which improves bonding quality and gives new, uniform, high strength material.

Another advantage of this technology is the possibility to produce LVL billets of any length.

LVL Ultralam™ is produced from both softwood and hardwood (birch) wood species which enables to manufacture LVL products with unique properties.

LVL production


OSB production

  • When delivered to the plant, logs are debarked and conditioned in a hot water pond for a period of 24 hours in order to make the wood softer prior to peeling.
  • Conditioned logs are fed to the peeling line where they are peeled into long veneer ribbons 3.2 mm thick. COE peeling line (USA) is capable of processing up to 18 logs per minute.
  • The cores (peeling process remains) are chipped and used in the pellet production. Black waste (bark) is fed to the energy plant thus making Ultralam™ waste-free.
  • Long veneer ribbons are cut to the required length and fed to the dryer manufactured by Grenzebach (Germany).
  • Moisture content doesn´t exceed 5% at the dryer outfeed. Dry veneers are tested for moisture level and graded by ultrasonic machine Metriguard (USA) against density values. After that veneer is ready for Ultralam™ production.
  • Scarfing saw trims the veneer plies by 3 cm along each edge.
  • Then veneers pass through the curtain coater and get to Dieffenbacher press (Germany). This 60 meters press equipped with microwave preheating is the longest continuous press in the world.
  • Finished Ultralam™ billets are cut following the customer demands. Finished product is subject to continuous tests performed at Taleon Terra lab.
  • Then Ultralam™ is packed and shipped to the customer.

UltraDom production