To provide the customers with high strength, cost-effective and easy to use construction material. To implement modern construction techniques in the area of reliable and environmentally friendly houses.

Rafters, trusses, roofs, headers, beams made of Ultralam™ represent reliable and quickly installed structures which are effectively used in house building, renewal of old housing stock, industrial construction. Resistance of Ultralam™ to aggressive media makes it possible to utilize it in construction of hangars, agricultural facilities, swimming pools. High strength, light weight, good processability of Ultralam™ open up new opportunities for architects, designers and builders making new, state-of-the-art houses with large-span structures and application of framing systems.

Contribute to the upgrade of Russian woodworking industry. High-tech production of Ultralam™ at Taleon Terra plant represents unique integration of the latest developments in the field of wood processing.

LVL production technology is one of the most rational ways of wood processing which allows to save forest resources of Russia. Beam made of solid lumber yields 40% of the log. LVL billets utilize 90% of the log. The balance of 10% is used for pellet production. Black waste (bark) is fed to the energy plant. Ultralam™ production is waste-free!

Environmental sustainability.

Modern Lumber Technology Ltd. is a responsible forest user that conserves, protects and reproduces forests on the leased territories. MLT Ltd. doesn´t purchase the timber from those companies that breach the above environmental standards.